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Where does my sponsorship go?

It takes approximately 24 months to complete a film project from pre-production to post-production
and distribution. Partially sponsoring the film means you’ll be recognized as an official sponsor and will
be recorded in the film’s credits. We’ll also do our best to keep you up-to-date with progress and
we’ll send you a final copy of the film when we begin to distrubute it at various film festivals.

0-3 months

Our first stages of pre-production. This is our current stage.

3-6 months

A better understanding of all aspects of production and crew.


Preparation & Budgeting

After approximately six months, we should have a much clearer understanding of who is involved with the project, and how long the filming will take.

6-9 months

Filming in Iran commences. This production will be kept very discrete.

9-12 months

Filming in Europe and the US may potentially take place.



Actual production begins in Iran. Wrap up interviews may take place in various parts of Europe and the United States.

12-15 months

Editing & Grading (coloring) process. Should take around 3 months.

15-18 months

Begin showing final film in festivals around the world.


Editing & Grading

Filming has wrapped. We begin editing, grading, and then showcasing the film in festivals around the world.

Film Project Budget

We anticipate a budget of approximately $250,000 for the upcoming film.
Find specifics of our budget by reading the details of the budget scope boxes below.


First Expense

Camera Equipment

The first expense is the purchase of camera equipment for the upcoming film.


Second Expense

Equipment Rentals

Various film locations will require renting equipment vs. purchasing.


Third Expense

Iranian Film Crew

We will be hiring local film crews inside of Iran for safety and security.


Fourth Expense

Scoring Budget

We will be professionally scoring the soundtrack for this film.


Fifth Expense

Post-Production Budget

The entire estimated budget to allow for editing, grading, and mastering of the final film for screening.


Sixth Expense

Festival Entry & Travel

Allows for submission of the final film into film festivals & travel expenses for presenting and showcasing.


Seventh Expense

Screening in NYC & LA

Many festivals require the film to first be screened at major cinemas in New York and Los Angeles.

Watch Our Last Film’s Trailer

Below is the trailer for A Faceless Faith, Pastor Reza's latest film
about the persecuted Church in Iran.

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